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Baby Knits

Friends of ours are expecting their first baby in January. Watching friends become parents is a magical thing; and knitting for a tiny person who has not yet joined us in the world, is truly special.









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This blog is between sisters.  But today on October 9th, there are two boys who deserve a mention.  Our brothers are 9 & 10 years younger than us, so there is a generation of differences between us.  Yet the sibling connection can survive anything…especially a generation gap. 

A couple of months ago, I set to work knitting hats for these boys.  Just because they are twins does not mean they are not unique.  So two different hats for two different boys. 

For Stephen (thank you pint-size model):

IMG_5410   IMG_5409

For Chris (thanks again mini-model):

IMG_5411 IMG_5406

I was determined to get both hats finished before mom left in late-September.  I think the last stitch on the grey hat was knit 2 days before departure.  So I was happy to hear that they were well received. I even got this picture this morning: the bottom was a Pinterest “look” we was going for, the top is our bro looking very Euro GQ.


So there you have it.  Even though we can’t be there to celebrate with them today, I will never forget the day they were born.  I was the hit of 3rd grade, with two of the cutest baby brothers imaginable. 

So although, there is a special bond that sisters share and we will never know the bond that twins share, I know that they are lucky to have each other and we are so lucky to have them too.  Happy Birthday boys! We love you!



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Not only has the fabric bin been calling to me lately, but I’ve been feeling the need to create useful things for my family.  After another round of these hankies (unfortunately, early summer sniffles and allergies have created a demand), I moved on to headbands.  The girls have taken a sudden interest in this particular hair accessory, so we’ve experimented with different kinds.

Fabric Flowers


These are fun and easy to make.  I can’t believe I forgot to save the online tutorial I used for these!  So here is my version, since it’s so simple.  You can probably find a tutorial online.

  • Start with a piece of 3×24 inch fabric and twist it tight, lengthwise
  • Fold it in half and it will twist together on its own
  • Hot glue the unfolded end under to create the center of the flower
  • Keeping the twist, continue to wrap around and use hot glue to hold it together as you go
  • Glue the final end to the under-side of the flower so that it lies relatively flat


I love the headband pattern we used for our Headbands for Haiti fundraiser, but I haven’t been feeling like cutting elastic and using turning tools, so I’ve been using some other methods.

Perhaps the easiest…the t-shirt headband.  That stretchy jersey knit is so comfortable. Simply cut a strip of an old t-shirt to size (in this case about 17 inches, to allow for stretch on a 19 inch head) and sew together.  Add flower.  I attach it with a small dab of fabric glue and sew the edges down.



Then, there was the simple garter stich, knit headband.  Cast on 5-10 stitches, depending on how wide you want it and simply knit every row until you reach desired length (again, approximately 17 inches for these little heads). Stitch the two short ends together with yarn.



They have both decided to grow out their bangs and although they are amazingly patient with hair falling in their eyes (I think it bothers me more than them!) hopefully these will help.

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I must admit, I am slightly giddy over this new pattern I discovered.  After all, it combines things I love…knitting, sewing and happy girls. 

It doesn’t matter where we are going or what we are doing, my 6-year-old will be wearing a dress.  Which means that ever since I started sewing, I have had a little girl asking me to make her dresses.  After a few not-so-stellar attempts, I pretty much gave up and resorted to skirts (which she is almost just as happy with).  Then I saw this pattern for a knitted bodice and a fabric skirt.  It is the perfect combination for a novice seamstress like me.


(Forgive the wrinkles in the bee skirt, but she had just been rolling down a grassy hill that day.)

The Two Summer Sundress pattern can be found here on Ravelry.  As the name implies, there are 2 button holes in the straps, which makes it adjustable, so it can be worn for 2 years.  I first knit the yellow bodice in the 6-year-old size, intending to have it fit my 6-year-old.  I neglected to read that one should knit the next size up from your child’s age.  So the yellow bee dress ended up being for the 4-year-old (which fits her perfectly and might not last 2 summers).  The cream bodice was knit in the 8-year-old size and is roomy on this 6-year-old body.

IMG_1519 IMG_1665

The best news about these dresses, is that they love them!  The cotton bodice and light cotton skirt make them very comfortable play dresses.  They are already a Spring favorite and I have a feeling they will be well-worn by the time summer is over. 

We are looking forward to a gloriously warm week ahead. The days are already long (with a twilight blue sky at 10:30pm).  We are ready!  Bring on the sun!




IMG_1735  IMG_1737




* She loves her Tullie Girl, Game Piece Tile Necklace, made by our talented friends at Little Doodahs.  It was the perfect accessory to wear to a birthday party this weekend.


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Spring is here.  The winter-that-never-really-happened is retreating.  And once again it’s time to switch out closets; to put away heavy coats and scarves and gloves.  To dig out sun hats and spring skirts and sandals. 

This past weekend, I turned my attention to the many (many) hats we own – and of course, became immediately overwhelmed with gratitude to mom. 

Our mother has had many jobs.  Baker, maker, buyer, teacher, soother, reader, singer, etc..

Though, I think that one of the jobs she considers most important is the job of making sure her children are never (ever) cold. 

Not for a day. 

Not for a moment. 

Not on her watch.

And now of course, there are grandchildren to think of.  So, it’s not surprising that our house is full (full!) of hats.  They brim and spill and lay tangled in a basket next to our front door. 


These. Are. Beautiful. Hats.  Each is unique and has a story to tell.    They are orange (when we’ve decided that orange is our favorite color).  They are green (when St. Patrick’s Day is coming).  They are embellished with buttons that used to belong to our grandmother…they are made with organic, naturally dyed materials (because sometimes her daughters are eco-freaks)…they are woven from softer-than-soft alpaca wool purchased in the south of Chile…

They arrive in the mail on birthdays, on holidays, on Wednesdays (and all days in-between).

They fit our heads and our personalities perfectly.

IMG_1285 IMG_3193 

IMG_4127 IMG_4658

P1060393 P1050662

IMGP4524 P1060124

Thank you mom for teaching yourself how to sew (and knit and crochet) all those years ago; as a newlywed in Tegucigalpa.  Thank you for letting us be the (lifetime) beneficiaries of your talent and your quiet moments. 

And, of course, thank you for keeping us all warm all these years. 

Thankfully, spring is here(!) and now it’s Mother Nature’s turn to keep us toasty.   


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The other day a little voice came to me and asked, “Mom, are you feeling inspired to make something?”  It is a question I often ask her, so I love that she turned it around on me during a moment when, quite frankly, I wasn’t.  I think I was folding laundry at the time.

But when 5-year-old creative inspiration knocks, you run with it.  Remember those finger knitting cords that she made?  Well, she was feeling ready to use them as straps for a bag she would sew.  So we headed into the sewing room (a.k.a, guest room/laundry room) and she dug through a pile of fabric until she found the perfect print…a black and white faux leopard print.  (The girl has a lot of her Grandma Lita in her, that’s for sure.)


When we do projects like this, I usually end up doing most of the sewing and this project was no different.  She busied herself with the important job of color coordinating pins.  She wanted all the pins on the left of the fabric to be blue and the pins on the right to be green.  Oh, brother.


However, nobody can say that she didn’t make the straps all by herself.  And she is proud.  (She still needs to knit the matching strap, so we’ll add it later.)



Creative inspiration is contagious.  Just as I was cleaning up, little-sis ran in and said she wanted to make something too…a pillow…she would pick the fabric.

Blue fleece and a too-small t-shirt print would do the trick.


This little one loves to help guide the fabric through the machine and pulls the pins out as we go.  But I draw the line at Teddy Bears helping, because when it comes to sewing, 3’s a crowd.



The stitches might not all be straight, but she is proud of her creation.



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Finger Knitting

Matea has been asking me to teach her how to knit.  I thought we would start with finger knitting and see how she did.  Do you remember finger knitting when we were kids?  I really didn’t, until I started doing it with her, and memories of doing this as a child came flooding back. One of the wonderful things about having kids, is that you get to relive your childhood on a daily basis.  Next we’ll be weaving friendship bracelets, I’m sure.



I had instructions saved from an old Wonder Time magazine, but you can find lots of instructions online, like this one.  Or even You Tube video demonstrations.  It is pretty simple and Matea took to it right away.  She sat on 2 separate occasions for about 15 minutes and knit 2 different colored cords.  She has big plans for these cords!  More on that later.



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